The regeneration
of soil

Many factors influence soil health management, such as soil condition, climate and environmental impacts and cropping and farming practices, to name just a few. Soil health improvement depends on things like soil type, climate, cropping system and available tests. Soil must be healthy to perform effectively, meaning reduced levels of contaminants and a higher saturation of nutrients is required. At Earthworks, our worms are referred to as the soil experts, and here’s why:

Earthworms leave soil 5 to 11% richer providing essential plant nutrients like nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. These ‘soil doctors’ move nutrients and water into the soil and prevent poor soil structure by stimulating microbial activity. Microbes in the earthworms’ gut break down organic material, making nutrients available to the plant. Worm castings act as a barrier to assist with the pH levels in the soil. When the pH levels are too high or too low it affects the absorption of nutrients, which is bad news for successful growth.

Cation Exchange Capacity

Looking at Cation Exchange Capacity (CEC) – a measure of the soil’s ability to hold positively charged ions – it is a very important soil component that influences:
Sandy soils rely heavily on the high CEC of organic matter for the retention of nutrients in topsoil. Castings have more phosphorus and potassium (4.5 times more calcium and 2.5 times more nitrogen) while improving soil structure stability by 10 times more than the average bulk soil. Organic matter has a high CEC. Humic is the organic acid component of earthworm castings and a major organic fraction of soil which stimulates plant growth even in low concentrations.

Earthworm castings revitalise soil,
restoring the essential nutrients and minerals plants require for optimal health.

During the active growing season,
Vermicompost Tea is a quick-fix plant
feeding option offering microbes to be
easily absorbed in the soil, taken up by

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