Our Process

Earthworks’s approach to producing high-quality vermicast is one that employs a unique diet and caring and compassionate means to ensure that the African Night Crawler worms thrive.

What makes Earthworks unique is based on where and how it cultivates healthy earthworm castings. We believe what you put in is what you get out. We provide our soil experts with the richest environment, ensuring the necessary climate, management techniques and soil analysis.

African Night Crawler worms in the right environment are highly efficient processors of organic material. By feeding them the correct food which has been derived by over 50 years’ experience, Earthworks produces a very high-quality form of vermicast which has been tested by the top soil laboratories in the world. We at Earthworks strive to do extensive research on the benefits of vermicast and worm extractions to benefit the improvement of soils all over South Africa.

As the leading SA commercial scale producers of +95% pure Vermicast, we specialise in Earthworm Castings, Earthworm Compost, Earthworm Potting Mix, Vermicompost tea, vermicast extraction as well as Vermi+ Pellets.