Harnessing the power of earthworm castings

Harnessing the power of earthworm castings

What exactly are earthworm castings?

Simply put, castings are a natural, organic form of powerful soil regenerator produced by earthworms, as nature intended. Known as the “soil’s scientists”, these incredible creatures’ casts or excrement contain multiple natural elements including – nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and magnesium, all vital for soil health and healthy plant growth.

However, best of all, Earthworm castings also contain millions of micro-organisms, whose growth is enhanced when the food they eat passes through the gut of the earthworm. It’s these micro-organisms that form the basis of earthworm castings that are vital for enhanced soil health which leads to healthier plants. They are essentially little scientific powerhouses working tirelessly to produce fertilizer for the earth!

“Analysis of worm castings reveals they are richer in plant nutrients than soil, about two times more calcium, five times more nitrogen, and seven times more phosphorus and potassium” – K.P. Barley, Ph.D., Advances in Agronomy.

Why Earthworks Earthworm Castings?

While most feed the ‘wrigglies’ just any compost and vegetable matter, we do things very differently and take a more sophisticated approach to vermicomposting.

Our Earthworms are treated like royalty, meaning that they are fed only on a recipe, developed over more than 20 years, that’s 100 % organic and that the worms like to eat. A happy worm is a productive worm. The organic feed is produced at our segregated, strictly quality controlled composting facility at the site of our worm farm. This quality assured process ensures we provide our hard-working worms with a consistent and stable blend of quality feed thereby enabling us to produce a consistently high-quality casting.

Through our newly constructed state-of-art process plant, our Earthworms convert the organic waste we feed them into natural, organic plant food that is the most potent soil conditioner, not only providing an excellent organic growing medium, but also the essential compounds for regenerating soils damaged by years of chemically-based fertilizers and modern farming practices.

We supply miracle food for healthy soils in the form of:

  • Earthworm Castings
  • Earthworm Compost Blend
  • Earthworm Potting Mix
  • Earthworm Tea/Extraction
  • Vermi+ Pellets

Call us on 011 464 5088 or email service@earthworks.africa to find out how earthworm castings can change the way you farm or grow plants forever. You can also follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn for the latest updates.

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